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Does my pup need Puppy School?

Early training and socialisation is so important for pups and dogs. For new puppies early socialization is vital, your dog should meet lots of friendly people and other dogs really early, especially in the period from 6 to 16 weeks (the experts talk about 100 dogs and people needing to meet your dog and vice versa during this period). This ideally means getting your young puppy into a good, 'positive only' puppy school at 8 – 10 weeks of age. (Jean's Puppy School in Keilor and Kerryn at Caroline Spring Vet Hospital run positive puppy classes, there are also many others around). This training needs to be continued in a proactive way for at least the next 12 months to help ensure you have a social, 'people' and 'dog' friendly dog and a dog with a lovely temperament.

Meetings should, of course, be carefully controlled and you should ensure that your puppy does not have any negative experiences during this time and at KODTC we do this during our Socialisation Walks and during Classes.

At KODTC, we take pups and dogs from 16 weeks onward. Pups need to have had all of their vaccinations prior to commencing classes

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