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The KODTC is a 'not for profit, incorporated association',  operating for its members.  We are registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.  


Our management Committee provides oversight and direction for the club.  Some of the responsibilities include:


  • Ensuring an Annual General Meeting is held where new members are encouraged to be involved,

  • Meeting once a month,

  • Managing the finances of the club,

  • Improving Club programs and services,

  • Liaising with the City of Moonee Valley on relevant Club and grounds issues

  • Promoting the club and positive dog ownership


The Committee meetings are held via 'Zoom' on the second Thursday evening of the month (usually at 7.00pm or 7.30pm)  and all financial members are welcome to attend these meetings.  If you have any queues or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the committee members. 


The AGM is held in November each year and we encourage members to consider joining the committee to enrich our club with their expertise, experience and enthusiasm.  It is also an opportunity to get to know club members better and to help build a stronger dog friendly community.





Meet the 2024 Committee:

Julie Merryfull

Joy Allen: President

Carol Di Teodoro

Rohan Richardson

Sylvana Sabato

Robert Youdan 

Training Manager

Noelene Jordan: Secretary

Maree Schellekens

Anne Woolley

Drew Harrison:

Max Schellekens:


Ela Oki
Marta Spencer

Anne Fortunata

KODTC Instructors  2024

Noelene Jordan

(training manager)

Nicolle Cheriton

Julie Merryfull



Max Schellekens

Anne Woolley

KODTC Sub-Committees and Working Parties

Finance :  

Max Schellekens, Drew Harrison, Maree Schellekens 

Joy Allen

Kiosk management :  Joy Allen, Maree Schellekens, 

Training :  Noelene Jordan (training manager)

Publicity and Social : Sammy Brown, Drew Harrison, Maree Schellekens

Technical Support :   (advice on fixing electronic stuff and actually fixing electronic stuff)  Drew Harrison, Rob Youdan, and others.

Data management / Systems advice :

Drew Harrison, Rob Youdan

Flyball :  Sammy Brown, Simon Bates, Joy Allen, Drew Harrison, Julie Merryfull 

Grounds Management :  Joy Allen,

Mel Lobo, 

Mel  and Cav King Charles Aug 2022.jpg

Mel Lobo has been a life member of KODTC for many years.  He can be found  every Sunday mornings that the club is operating,  setting up the pavillion and grounds for our training sessions.  Mel is 'priceless' as far as the club is concerned.  We greatly appreciate his support and help every week. Here he is pictured puppy- minding for a member on the steps outside the club during training. 

Plans for AJ Davis Reserve (MVCC)
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