T-Keilor Flyball

Interested in competing in Flyball?

Then Keilor is the club for you!!

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What is Flyball?

Flyball is relay drag racing for dogs! with teams consisting of 4 dogs racing against another team.  It is a fun, fast-paced relay race with your very excited dog. Dogs run and jump over low jumps to trigger a ball being released from a box and then return at top speed over the jumps with the ball. Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes can compete in Flyball.


Dogs do need to be over 12 months of age to begin training and must be able to work off lead.


Why do Flyball?

The main reason is that the dogs absolutely love it!  Flyball includes all things that dogs love to do – jumping, catching, retrieving, competing and most of all, spending time with their owners!

It's fantastic stimulation, especially for active dog breeds. It also provides a great way to build your dog’s socialisation skills.


Flyball is a great team sport thats a lot of fun for people too and It's a great way to meet other people & their dogs. Flyball can be as competitive as you want to make it.  The best part of all is just having fun with your dog.

The T-Keilor Flyball Pack

Current T'Keilor Record


Gidget is a 9yo Havanese who lit up the moment she first tried Flyball, and has been loving it ever since. Photo credit Mezfez Photography


Lewie AKA Lewis Hamilton or Stinky. Working cocker spaniel came over from England with us. Owned run and spoilt by Chloe


Ollie AKA twinkle or Olivander the Great Wand Wizard. BC owned and run by Chris. Bought from a farm in Warrnambool as he couldn’t work sheep

Jessie J

Jessie J aka Pocket owned and run by Chris. Beautiful girl with a very naughty side. Spoilt rotten by Chris and allowed to sleep on the bed between him and Sam!


Kelpie Whippet cross (supposedly) Run by Sam. Thinks everyone wants to poison and or kill him.


Paris is a Malinois (a type of Belgium Shepherd) who was a rescue dog. Very strong and fast. LOVES balls.


Dexter is a little Jack Russell Cross and was a rescue dog. Very fast and reliable


Choccy is a little Staffy Cross, a rescue dog who is a great height dog.  Is very reliable, slowing down a little as he get older.


Abby is a little Jack Russell cross who is very fast and very reliable.  Loves Flyball, very wriggly.


Grif is a Border Terrier with a mind of his own, is a very fast little dog. Just starting his Flyball career.


Buddy is a very vivacious, cheeky, little Jack Russell. He has fun at training, but is good at comps


Rocky is a lovely grey Staffy who has recently started training. Is still a youngster but loves jumping and balls.


Reade is a young Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He is in training in early 2019.


Floss is a rescue Border Collie and is training up with Leslie. Loves people and will be very fast.

Latest update : Jan 2019

Retired T-Keilor Dogs

Fltball Ballarat Hugo
Fltball Ballarat Hugo

Hugo is a charcoal coloured Poodle, has been very reliable and fast for many years. Still really enjoys Flyball.


Lenny is a blue Kelpie rescue dog. He was obsessive / compulsive about balls. Very reliable and fast that ran with Max and Marie Schellekens. Sadly Lenny passed suddenly in 2019.


Doughlas was the only Golden Retriever doing Flyball in Australia. He retired in 2018 after a very long career. Ran with Leslie.


Kyla is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who played Flyball for many years. Took to Flyball really quickly and was extremely reliable.


Ruby was a Border Collie who lived with Max, she was a lovely, fast reliable beautiful dog. Ruby died in late 2018 from a snake bite. Very sadly missed.


Tage is another Crowley Rough Collie who played Flyball for many years, running with Sandra. Very reliable. Retired in 2018.


Rioja is a Rough Collie who ran with Bryan. Consistent and reliable like all of the Crowley Collies. Retired in 2018


Ollie the Border Collie trained with Gerard. Was very fast and reliable. Ollie and Gerard retired in 2017 and moved to the beach.

The Flyball team trains twice a week. Sunday training - 11.45 AM to 01:00 PM and on Wednesday evenings around 6:30 to 7:30 PM, (weather permitting) under the oval lights.  Training is usually held near the Shipping Containers.