How to Join

New members can join KODTC on any Sunday morning that the club meets for training. 

Here is a summary of whats required to join:


  1. Come along to the club on a Sunday morning and do the following;

    Fill out a Membership Application Form.
    Bring your Dog's current Vaccination Certificate.
    Pay for your membership (and ask any questions that you may have).


    Fill out an online application form, pay your fee and upload your Dog's current Vaccination Certificate.


  2. Attend the Member's Induction Session (See Calendar of events for the next session)

  3. Commence with the Socialisation walk and classes (Class 1) the following Sunday that the club has 'usual training'

The other stuff......


  • Please ensure you wear suitable footwear (shoes must be closed), thongs etc are not acceptable.

  • Please note that as a positive reinforcement club, we do not allow the use of correction collars, metal chain collars and extender leads. Please have your dog on a flat collar and lead or gentle leader harness.

  • Try to arrive a bit earlier than scheduled times as this allows you and your dog to settle down prior to starting classes.






How much does it cost?

Here is the pricing for new members.

Pricing includes a joining fee and membership for the current year.

Single Adult     ......................          $75

Single Junior      ...................          $50

Single Pensioner / Concession

             card holder                  $50


Family / Dual Adult (each)         $60

Family / Dual Junior / Dual  Pensioner / concession card    holders (each)                          $40


New Memberships

Single Adult     ......................       $50

Single Junior      ...................       $30

Single pensioner / Concession 

                  card holders.        $30

Family / Dual Adult (each)      $40

Family / Dual Junior / Dual Pensioner (each)                    $25​​

Dual Pensioner / Concession

         card holders.                 $25

Membership Renewals

Here is the pricing for existing members that wish to renew their membership.

Pricing cover membership for the upcoming calendar year.

Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders

Pensioners and HCC Holders are charged at the same rates as Juniors on new memberships and renewals.

Please note:   Family/Dual members include people of the one family or residence.

The fees include a Dogs Victoria insurance levy.   Dogs Victoria members will be reimbursed $8.00 for the Public Liability Insurance Levy component.  


If you want your family members to be out on the reserve watching you and your dog train, then they will need to be joined as members because of the need for insurance. Membership provides insurance cover.

Membership Information

Membership of our club entitles you to receive weekly, quality dog training using positive reinforcement methods. We train the basic obedience commands and teach good manners and behaviours, along with other fun and specialist training such as basic agility, flyball and rally o.


Your membership includes access to all classes and our weekly socialisation walk (held at 9.00am before classes start).


The club has a small but very comprehensive library of dog related books, magazines, videos and DVDs which are available to members to borrow. These books etc,  relate to topics such as Obedience, Different Breeds, Tracking, Agility, Flyball,  Teaching Tricks, Health Care and General Interest. Please ask someone at the kiosk about accessing the library.