Wanting to join our club for training in 2020?

If you are interested in becoming members of KODTC to train your dog, welcome to our website. We welcome dogs of all breeds/cross breeds, shapes, sizes and ages to our club (pups as soon as they have completed their vaccination program). What differentiates us from some other clubs is that we are a 'positive reinforcement' dog training club. We do not use discipline as a training tool, we find that we get much better and quicker results and happier, more confident dogs with positive training methods. (We are in step with current research into the best dog training methods). We are now taking enrolments for April 2020. What you need to do is register as a new member via the Website. You wi

Story Dog Reading Program is recruiting

Story Dogs is a reading program that aims to make reading fun for children, so they become confident lifetime readers. The program is voluntary and involves a dog and handler listening to children read, on a weekly and on-going basis. When children read to a dog, the outcomes are amazing! it is a non-judgemental setting, with the children's focus improving, their literary skills increasing and their confidence soaring. If you are interested and think your dog has the appropriate temperament, please visit www.storydogs.org.au to read more about the program.

Heat Stress does kill dogs.

This is a reprint of an entry on Facebook by the owner, Eliza Ryan, of a very loved young Kelpie. It is a reminder for us all. (For the Facebook entry please google 'Kelpie Rosie's Weather Warning', also has some lovely pictures of the pup). (The image above is like Rosie but not Rosie). ​ Rosie's Legacy 31.3.16 - 30.12.16 Rosie died in December 2016 from overheating whilst playing ball. She was a healthy 9 month old kelpie pup and died because she was exercising in the evening just after 5pm on a 34 degree day with high humidity (54%) - a lethal cimbination. Rose was only playing for 10-15 minutes before she crashed to the ground whilst chasing a ball, and went into seisures and within

Fascinated by positive reinforcement dog training?

Are you fascinated by how effective positive reinforcement dog training can be and wanting to learn more? If you are interested in developing your skills and understanding of positive reinforcement dog training further maybe you might be interested in becoming a trainee Instructor. We have a program for trainees and regularly invite guest speakers to keep our instructors on the cutting edge of training techniques and understanding. New trainees are always welcome. Talk to our training manager Noelene, or any of our committee or instructors for more info.

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