Annual KODTC Flyball Competiton on Sunday 11th June.

A wonderful day was had by all on Sunday 11th June with 20 Flyball teams from all over Victoria running their dogs. The weather was magic, sunny with a maximum of 17 degrees, the warmest day that we have had in weeks. ​ KODTC Flyball ran 2 teams, with 4 new dogs whose first competition was at our competition. The dogs and handlers were Rikki with Trixster (a little Jack Russel), Riannon with Max (a Border Collie), Drew (Rhiannan's partner) with Ruby (also a Border Collie) and Maree with Paris (a Malinois). Rikki, Rhiannon and Drew are all new to Flyball along with their dogs. All of the new dogs and handlers did beautifully with all of the dogs achieving their first Flyball titles. ​ Al

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