Dogs we lost last year.

Late last year was a very sad time for several of our members, with the loss of their much too young pooches. The tragedies were not commented on here at the time because it was just too raw and painful to talk about. All of the dogs were in class 4 and wonderful, clever dogs. Spencer the Great Dane was just over 2 years old when he died of an acute illness, our sympathy to Laura. Ziggy, the beautiful Cocker Spaniel who was only 7 years old was also struck down, our thoughts continue to be with Lisa. And Ruby the beautiful Border Collie who was only 5 years old and lived with Drew, Rhiannan and baby James (and Max the Border Collie and Buddy the Staffy). Ruby and Buddy were both bitten by a

Keith and Collie

We need to acknowledge Keith's red border collie 'Collie', who was in class 4 and attended every Sunday for at least 10 years. I chased up Keith prior to our last funday and found that Collie had passed earlier in the year, at a big age. Keith was invited to our Funday. This photo of Keith and Collie was taken back in 2016.

Flyball Opportunity

Have you watched the Flyball dogs and thought that maybe your dog would enjoy it? The Flyball team is offering the opportunity for 6 dogs to participate in an 'Introduction to Flyball Course' which will run in March , from Sunday 3rd, for 4 weeks. From 11.30am until 12 noon, we will introduce you and your pooch to the basics of Flyball and start him (or her) off with some beginning training. Generally dogs who are interested in balls make great Flyball dogs. The working breeds LOVE Flyball. Dogs need to be over 9 months of age to start training, and cannot compete until they are over 12 months. If you are interested please leave your name at the kiosk.

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