Training at KODTC

When a dog and handler joins KODTC they start in class 1 and then progress through the classes at their own pace. To pass out of a class and into the next one, the dog and handler must be able to successfully perform a series of tasks relevant to that class level. The dogs and handlers below are in class 4 and the dogs are waiting for their next direction. Our class 4 has grown to the size that on occasions it is 2 groups. Congratulations to all of our class 4 members. It is wonderful to see so many members committed to training their dogs, doing so well and coming back each week.

Andrew and Deano

Andrew Russell has had Deano for around 7 years and has been coming to the club since 2010. Deano is around 8 years old at this stage. Deano is a Jack Russell Cross Fox Terrier and initially came from a puppy farm on the Murray River. Deano has always had wonky front legs (at least wonky to look at but from Deano's point of view they work fine). Andrew and Deano are in Class 4. Both Andrew and Deano enjoy KODTC and come as often as they can. Andrew sees the club as offering good socialization for Deano and also promotes the obviously very special relationship between Andrew and this little dog. Andrew also enjoys the people socialization aspect of the club.

KODTC Titles for 2016, presented at the Fun Day, December 2nd

Instructor's Award for the 2016 Training Season Each year our instructor's get together and have a think about which teams of dog and handler are working really well together. It is very prestigious to be awarded an Instructor's Award, the award recognises the development of a special relationship between dog and person. Congratulations to all of our club members who are recognised with an award for their work in 2016. Best Female Handler: Caitlin Cicerkovski and Lola, a Bull Arab Cross. Best Male Handler: Bruce Groundwater and Bronson, a Labrador Retriever Cross. Encouragement Awards: Emily Tsuka and Jake, a Kelpie Cross Border Collie. Rohan Richardson and Choccy, a Staffordshire Bull

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