Instructors learn more about managing difficult dogs..

On Sunday 26th November, the class instructors had the pleasure of hearing Dr Marika, a Behaviour Vet from Caroline Springs Animal Hospital, talk about managing 'difficult dogs'. The presentation was extremely interesting and helpful and contributes to the considerable knowledge and experience of our Instructors. Thank you to Toni and Justine, Miro and Sonny (their dogs), and Shaun and Morgan and Tess (their border collie cross) for allowing the club to use them as case studies. We were all very impressed at how much thought and effort Toni, Justine, Shaun and Morgan were all putting into helping their dogs overcoming their fears and behaviour problems. And thank you to Marika, your partic

New deal for pensioners and HCC Holders

At our AGM last Sunday (November 26th) the membership charges for Penioners and Health Care Care Holders were ammended to the equivalent of Junior members. KODTC kiosk workers do need to see a Pension Card or HCC in order to reduce the charges to these people. We do not think age or income should be a factor in preventing people from accessing quality dog training for their dogs.

For the AGM Notification and Committee Nomination form click on icon.

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