Story Dogs! Helping kids with their literacy

When children read to a dog, the outcomes are amazing! It's non-judgemental, children's focus improves, literacy skills increase and confidence soars. The non-judgmental, loving nature of dogs gives this program its magic and helps children relax, open up, try harder and have fun reading to a friendly and calm dog. Story Dogs is based on the successful American literacy program Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.). The R.E.A.D program was launched in 1999 in Utah USA, as the first comprehensive literacy program built around the appealing idea of children and young adolescents reading to dogs. Check out their website here:

Is my dog overweight?

Use the Hill's Dog Condition Chart to estimate if your Dog's weight is about right or perhaps a little or more than a little on the heavier side. Overweight young dogs have problems with joint development, and as they age dogs have problems with more arthritic pain and immobility, more health problems like diabetes and heart disease and die younger. Click Here for the Hill's Dog Condition Chart

Next Member Induction Session : Wednesday November 8th at 7.30pm

For everyone who has already registered and paid for their KODTC membership and has not yet attended an induction session, the next Member Induction session is Wednesday November 8th at 7:30 PM. For anyone who has not yet registered to join, here is what you need to do: Come down to the AJ Davis Reserve on a Sunday morning between 9.00am and 11.00am before October 29th. Bring your Dog's current Vaccination Certificate. Register yourself and your dog(s). Pay your membership fees. Click Here for more information on how to join. Once you have completed the steps above you can then attend the Member Induction Session on Wednesday evening November 8th. The New Member Induction Session is compulso

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