Cold and wet, hailing.....

It was a less than ideal day at training on Sunday 27th August. The Socialization Walk was OK, as was half of the first classes. Then a change came through and it blew, rained and hailed. Attendance was down on usual, just the very hardy, determined souls and their pooches. It was good to see how well the dogs who were sheltering from the rain coped with being quite close to lots of other dogs under the porch. Well done everyone.

Is my dog's weight about right?

Hill's (the Dog Food company) have a very handy dog condition score pamphlet that we have been giving out at our member induction sessions. However, Hill's no longer are giving out the hard copies. They have sent us a soft copy which is now included on our 'Dog Issues' page via a button............ It is worth having a look at. The table gives you an idea of what weight to aim for if your dog is overweight. Overweight dogs get more arthritis and joint problems, other health problems like heart disease and diabetes, and do not live as long as they might if they were in the healthy weight range.

Helping Animals in Need

During the last few weeks of the last financial year the KODTC Committee made 2 donations of $1,500 each to Lort Smith Animal Hospital and The Lost Dogs Home, on behalf of our members. We have received a letter back from the Chief Executive Officer of The Lost Dogs Home (Andrew Israel) expressing his appreciation for the donation and indicating how helpful it will be to rescue dogs and other animals that The Lost Dogs Home assists (Haven't heard from Lort Smith as yet. On contacting, it seems Lort Smith have not received the cheque, so we will resend it).

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