Training for the Trainers

On Sunday July 30th, the KODTC trainers had the pleasure of listening to Mira Thomasello, who presented to the Instructors about how to help our members get the best out of their dogs. Mira has extensive experience with working with dog owners in a variety of settings, including being the primary trainer for puppy classes at Caroline Springs Vet Hospital for many years. She is an inspirational speaker on many aspects of dog ownership and training. Mira raised some ideas that we will discussed at our next Instructors meeting. Mira’s talk also reaffirmed many of the things that we currently do which is great. Thank you Mira for your presentation it was much appreciated. (And huge apologie

Mid year FunDay Sunday July 16th

Mid year Funday was again really successful with around 70 members and their pooches attending and participating in a variety of activities. There was a 'noseworks' activity, the ever popular tunnelling, a demo by Max on use of the Kong toys for feeding and play activites, and jumps. The day was rather chilly but otherwise the weather very reasonable. And the BBQ went well although we did run out of bread. The first day of class for the new members from the previous Wednesday evening went ahead as usual.

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