Honey, the very little Flyball dog

Honey was a little Jack Russell Cross who, with Carol, was a part of the T'Keilor Flyball Team for many years. Honey ran as a 'height' dog. Honey delighted everyone who saw her run, not for her speed but for the height of her jumping. She must have been quite concerned about clearing the jumps because she cleared them by around 30cm every time she ran. Honey was extremely reliable and always came back over the first jump even after the ball went really wide when it came out of the box. Honey and Carol ran together for many years until Honey retired a few of years ago. Honey reached quite a respectable age but had been declining for a little while and finally passed last week. The Flybal

Lexi promoted to class 2

Classes were back on again on Sunday 18th March after the Flyball Competition on the Labour Day Sunday. And we welcomed the new many members who joined in March and had attended the new member induction evening on the previous Wednesday evening. One dog was promoted from class 1 to class 2 on Sunday, that dog being Lexi, a little black Staffordshire Bull terrier who attended with Sylvia and Mia. We look forward to lots of dogs being promoted in the next few weeks.

No classes on Sunday 11th March, Flyball instead.....

There will be no 'usual classes' on Sunday March 11th because of the Labour Day long week-end. However the club will be hosting the '4 Legs Flyball' Competition. Set up starts at around 7am, with racing starting at 9.00am. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch. Come along and take your dog for a walk at the reserve and watch the enthusiasm of the dog teams. The Flyball dogs run in teams of 4 dogs, in divisions depending on the teams' potential speeds. The height of the jumps depend on the height of the shortest dog. The aim is to run 'cleanly' (not to start too soon or cross with another dog too soon, to jump all of the jumps, and bring the ball back, efficiently). In other words, for

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