Audrey is a Therapy Dog

Audrey, the Labrador Retriever, was initially a Customs puppy who did not make the grade with respect to the Customs Department training. She is a beautiful, quiet, empathic dog who has recently met the criteria to be accepted as a Delta Therapy Dog. Audrey and her mum Evelyn are now visiting Western Hospital and are interacting with patients who love dogs and may be missing their own pooch. Audrey and Evelyn are in class 3. Congratulation Evelyn and Audrey on behalf of the club. We are so proud of your achievement......

Yellow coats now available for sale

As members would be aware, we supply yellow dog coats at KODTC. They are worn by dogs who are not comfortable being close to other dogs or people. These dogs may not have had the necessary socialisation with other dogs or people as pups or as they grew up, or maybe had an traumatic encounter with another dog or person at some stage. They are usually fearful if put in the 'wrong' situation, and to protect themselves may use aggression to try to defend themselves. Hence the need for the yellow coat to let people know that they need space. KODTC has previously had coats for members to borrow for the morning's training. However it has usually meant that the dog is left in the car while the

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