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Training is well underway for 2024

Due to a very hot day on February 4th, the planned first day of training was delayed by a week and we had our first training on Sunday February 11th.

We are back to running a Socialization Walk at 9.00am each week. This was something we did every week before Covid but due to a lack of instructors we have not done regularly every week over the last year or so. Previous to Covid it was run at the same time as class 1, now it is at the same time as the Foundation class. We can reliably predict the numbers in the Foundation classes so we are confident that the Socialization Walk will be on each week.

The Socialization Walk is fantastic for dogs to build confidence and develop good manners while walking near other dogs. It is always well supervised and is held along the creek. Members who attend at 9.00am for the Socialization Walk gather around the cricket pitch behind the Foundation Class. Basic training is incorporated into the Walk.

A reminder that members who have a green membership card need to renew their membership for 2024 before the end of February. You can renew online or at the club. We do need to see your dog's current vaccination evidence.


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