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Harvey's family

On August 30th August we had 9 people and dog teams promoted from class 1 to class 2. We always feel really excited about promotions because it means that our members are developing wonderful positive relationships with their dogs and learning lots about dog training. It also means that there is more room in class 1 for our foundation class members and that people are starting to move up the class ladder to classes 2, 3 and eventually 4. We do understand that the needs of our new members differ lots. Some people just want to learn the basics about dog training and want to be able to have a dog who will fit into their and their familiy's lives. Other people really enjoy training their dog and learning more about dog training. We have some members who we happily see throughout their dogs lives, and some who choose to join our instructors in spreading the knowledge about positive dog training. Some come along with a focus on joining Flyball which usually results in a long term addiction to competitive Flyball racing. Everyone is different and everyone is welcome at our club.

While chasing the details of one of the pooches who was promoted in late August I was sent a copy of the whole canine family of Harvey, the Whippet. Harvey lives with 2 Whippet cross Kelpies, Mia and Mowgli with their human support system (Stefanie and Damir). Mia is left, Harvey in the middle and Mowgli is to the right.


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