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Looking towards 2024 (and next intake)

Next Sunday, December 10th is KODTC's final gathering for 2023. Instead of our usual formal classes we will be having a Fun Day which gives an opportunity for members to try a variety of dog activities while still in class groups. The morning's activities for all class levels will start at 9.30am and go until around 11.30am.

There will be a BBQ with sausages and veggie burgers and a presentation of awards for members who have been outstanding during the year and those who have participated in Dog Sports such as Flyball, Noseworks and Tracking.

We have invited the councilors of the City of Moonee Valley along to the Fun Day and are looking forward to meeting them and having the opportunity for them to see our club in action.

Classes resume again on the first Sunday in February after a break for Xmas and the hot weather in January.

If anyone is wanting the join the club for the February intake we recommend that they join as soon as possible because the number of new members for February is restricted in order to keep the classes to a manageable size.

Pictured is a member encouraging his dog to run through a tunnel during Fun Day activities.


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