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Training classes resume on Sunday February 4th

We trust all of our wonderful members are having a great break and are continuing to train their dogs each day for a few minutes at a time, at various times of the day, especially before and at meal times when they (the dogs) will be particularly receptive to training.

Training Classes for 2024 commences on Sunday 4th February with a new Foundation Class starting. Due to the numbers of members and dogs in classes 2 and 3, it has been decided to have Class 4 running at the same time as class 1 at 9.45am.

We also intend to have a return of the Socialization Walk each Sunday at 9.00am, at the same time as the Foundation Class. (We have struggled to get our Socialization walk reinstated since Covid due to a shortage of instructors).

9.00am to 9.30am: Foundation Class and Socialization Walk

9.45am to 10.30am: Class 1 and Class 4

10.45am to 11.30am: Class 2 and Class 3

Our Foundation Class is made up of the current new group of members who remain in that class until the next Foundation Class starts at the beginning of the next month. When a 'new' Foundation Class commences, the 'old' Foundation Class automatically becomes a part of the larger Class 1 which starts at 9.45am.

The aim of having the Foundation Class is to give the new members the opportunity to learn the basics in smaller classes which focus on the basics of positive reinforcement training. 

The numbers of new members and dogs accepted into a monthly intake is limited so that our class sizes are manageable. We usually get many more applications to join in any particular month than we can comfortably accommodate, hence we encourage potential new members to put their applications in as early as possible once they have decided to join.

We look forward to training resuming on February 4th.


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