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Towards the end of 2023

The Dog Club year is once again drawing to a close. There will be no training on the Melbourne Cup Day Sunday and also none on the following Sunday 12th November due to inadequate instructor numbers (several of our instructors compete in Flyball, Scenting and Gun Dog competitions).

We have a final new Foundation class starting on Sunday November 19th, with our previous Foundation class members moving into class 1 (which is at 9.45am) on that day. Our AGM, which we squeeze between classes, is in late November. If anyone would like to join our committee please let us know asap.

Our club year will go an extra week into December this year to make up for no training on November 12th. The final day will be Sunday 10th December with a Fun Day with lots of dog activities for members to try and awards given out for some of the outstanding performances during the year.

The 2024 club year starts on the first Sunday in February. Memberships are due for renewal at the end of February , new members who join in November do not need to renew their membership, their membership covers them until February 2025.

As usual any changes to our usual routine are communicated via our Facebook page (KeilorDogTraining), which has a photo similar to the one below on its home page.


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