Newest and littlest member of the Flyball teams gets his first Title...

Buddy who is a very little and vivacious Jack Russell Cross, finally achieved his first clean Flyball runs in competition at the Kong Flyball Competition on the Queen's Birthday Sunday. Buddy has been training for quite a long time and has frequently had clean runs but he also has been easily distracted by the wonders of the world. He has shown huge enjoyment at running great loops around the training track and has needed much alluring to return to his human, Josie. At the Flyball competition Buddy ran 3 clean heats and did not make any mistakes. He achieved 5 points which gives him his first Flyball title. The T'Keilor Flyball team is totally ecstatic at Buddy's success. And he ran a

Chester, Therapy Dog

We are very proud to acknowledge the wonderful achievement of Doris and Chester, her Havanese, who has qualified as a therapy dog at the Royal Children's Hospital. Chester has a lovely temperament and is a beautiful woolly dog with a very cute face. He will be loved by every child he meets and will do great work with sick children who need a woolly comforter. Congratulations Doris and Chester.

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