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KODTC Titles for 2016, presented at the Fun Day, December 2nd

Instructor's Award for the 2016 Training Season

Each year our instructor's get together and have a think about which teams of dog and handler are working really well together. It is very prestigious to be awarded an Instructor's Award, the award recognises the development of a special relationship between dog and person. Congratulations to all of our club members who are recognised with an award for their work in 2016.

Best Female Handler: Caitlin Cicerkovski and Lola, a Bull Arab Cross.

Best Male Handler: Bruce Groundwater and Bronson, a Labrador Retriever Cross.

Encouragement Awards:

Emily Tsuka and Jake, a Kelpie Cross Border Collie.

Rohan Richardson and Choccy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Thomas Spencer-King and Tilly, an Australian Kelpie Cross Koolie

Most Improved Dog Award: Jaclyn Gilbert and Taco, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross German Shepherd.

Rather than list the rest of the awards for 2016 under the dog activity categories, it is probably easier to list them under the Handler/s.

Noelene Jordan with Cassie, a Labrador Retriever, achieved the title of 'Rally Novice' and 'Rally Advanced', and 'Qualifying Novice Dog'.

Diane Clarke with Kira, a Border Collie, achieved the title of 'Tracking Dog', and 'Tracking Dog Excellent'.

Chris Lim with Tori, a Hungarien Vizsla, achieved the title of 'Endurance Test' and 'Tracking Dog'.

Bryan and Sandra Crowley were extremely busy with their beautiful Rough Collies, achieving the titles with Rioja of 'Track and Search Dog Excellent' Nadac titles, and Flyball titles of AFCH (Australian Flyball Champion); With Syrah of 'Track and Search Dog Excellent'; and with Pinotage of 'Track and Search Dog Excellent'.

Julie Merryfull with Dexter, a little Jack Russell Cross, achieved the title of FMCh (Flyball Master Champion) and NADAC titles, and with Choccy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the titles of FM (Flyball Master), and NADAC titles.

Max Schellekens with Lenny, a Australian Kelpie, achieved the title of FM (Flyball Master).

Suzie Lingford with Hugo, a Poodle, achieved the title of FMCh (Flyball Master Champion).

Gerard Lynch and Ollie, a Border Collie, achieved the title of FDGCh (Flyball Dog Grand Champion), (this is generally accepted as pretty good, definitely getting up there.......).

Nicolle and Ryan Cheriton and their Border Collie Delta achieved the titles of 'Pretrial', and with Gemma the title of 'Herding Test'.


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