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Heat Stress does kill dogs.

This is a reprint of an entry on Facebook by the owner, Eliza Ryan, of a very loved young Kelpie. It is a reminder for us all. (For the Facebook entry please google 'Kelpie Rosie's Weather Warning', also has some lovely pictures of the pup). (The image above is like Rosie but not Rosie).

Rosie's Legacy 31.3.16 - 30.12.16

Rosie died in December 2016 from overheating whilst playing ball. She was a healthy 9 month old kelpie pup and died because she was exercising in the evening just after 5pm on a 34 degree day with high humidity (54%) - a lethal cimbination.

Rose was only playing for 10-15 minutes before she crashed to the ground whilst chasing a ball, and went into seisures and within an hour of making it to the vet, she died. The tragedy was that it was all preventable.

There were no symptoms. However I did not allow her to stop and rest in between throwing a ball as far as I could, in an open space with no shade. I did not take water out with us. She has no chance.

I am sharing this to educate owners on heat stress as it does kill.

A dog's resting body temperature is between 38-39 degrees. If it reaches 41 degrees it will be fatal.

I urge dog owners to not esercise their pets on warm days. Playing ball or exercising a dog on days above 30 degrees is dangerous.

Leet a dog play in a pool or int he sea on a hot dday. Never feel guilty for not exercising a working dog it is a warm day. We are their protectors and it's our responsibility to keep them safe. I have heard people say 'but my dog was born in a hot climate so they are climatized'. This is absolute nonsense. A dog's core temperature should be kept to 38-39 degrees. Make sure thay have a cool place to rest and escape the heat if youn live in a hot climate.

I hope by sharing Rosie's story I can help educate dog owners on how quickly heat stress can happen.

Help Rosie raise awareness on Heat Stress by sharing this important message.

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