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'Free Shaping' for KODTC Instructors

Tamara Jackman from 'Underdogs' presented to KODTC instructors on Shaping Dog Behaviour on Sunday April 9th 2017.

Shaping is a particular training technique that uses Successive Approximation to teach a new behaviour to a dog. It involves breaking down any behaviour to tiny increments. In free shaping we reinforce each increment that moves closer to our end goal or final behaviour that we are teaching. It combines positive reinforcement and frustration, in a game that is very similar to the 'hotter' or 'older' game we played as children.

Tamara demonstrated the techniques with her dogs Morgan and Cosmo.

Pictured is Tamara with Morgan the Heeler Cross. Morgan is moving closer to opening the red door behind him with Tamara using 'Shaping'. (The words were 'Yes' and food treats very strategically delivered). A very interesting and informative session for all who attended.

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