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First Dog and Handler promotion for the year

The KODTC Club year commenced yesterday with a very enthusiastic group of new members in our Foundation class. We had around 45 new dogs and their owners starting classes. Most of the dogs are young, under 12 months of age, who are full of fun and lots of energy. And we have a few who are Covid dogs who have missed out on the usual opportunities to socialize while they were very young and we were in lockdown last year or even 2020, and who are a little nervous meeting other dogs and maybe even other people. Our current Foundation class will continue as the Foundation class until the March new members intake attends and becomes our 'new' Foundation class. Our current Foundation class will then slot into class one, at 9.45 am. With the later start they will also be able to attend our Socialization Walk which starts at 9.00am and goes for half an hour. Our Socialization Walk is possibly the most valuable thing that we do at the club, and can really assist dogs learn to be comfortable walking and being near other dogs.

Yesterday we had our first promotion for the year with Lara and Reign, a beautiful young Australian Kelpie being promoted to class 2. Reign and Lara have started training with the Flyball team and Reign is doing extremely well. He is a very clever young Kelpie.


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