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The next new member intake will be in early February 2020

The November new member intake was the last for 2019. Our club has its last meeting for the year on Sunday 1st December with a FunDay and then will be in recess for the rest of December and January, and will start up again in early February.

If you are wanting to train your dog with us in 2020 you can join online via this site or alternatively you can come down to our new member day on the first Sunday in February. Once joined, you will be booked into a Wednesday evening new member induction session in early February. We do need to see your dog's current and up to date vaccination evidence which can be scanned with your online registration or brought along to the Wednesday evening induction session.

The Wednesday evening new member induction session is compulsory for all new members and contains info on how our club runs and how we train using positive reinforcement methods. You will be given some homework to prepare you and your dog for your first training session at the club.

We usually have a lot of new members over the summer break so new dog numbers are limited. If you are interested in joining it is best not to leave it to the last minute or you may have to wait until March to start training.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog in the new year!

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