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Too hot for classes, Socialisation walk will go ahead

Due the anticipated extreme temperature of 36 degrees this Sunday, the committee has decided that classes will be cancelled. However, the Socialisation Walk will go ahead at 9.00am

This decision has been made with the welfare of the dogs being the concern.

The new Flyball beginners class was due to start this Sunday. There will be a meeting of the members who have expressed interest, on the veranda of the pavilion at 9am. The theory of Flyball as a sport and its training will be explained. It will be too hot to have the dogs out and starting to train. (The new dogs can be present at the meeting).

There is still room for one more dog in this Beginners Flyball class.

Unfortunately the following weekend (March 9th, 10th, 11th) is a long weekend so there will be no training on the Sunday. .

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