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2018 starts with a FunDay..

Sunday Feb 11 was the first day back for the club with its very late Funday (should have been in early December but was threatened with a washout and hence was postponed).

Perfect dog weather, lots of doggy activities for members and their dogs to try, very good sausages on the BBQ, and '4 Legs' dog food for all of our members. And lots of members went home with 'Kong' toys. Presentations were made to members who have done especially well training their dogs during 2017. A full list of members achieving awards will be put up on this site asap, along with photos on Facebook. A full gallery of Feb 2018 FunDay photos will be also put on this site.

Thank you to 'Kong' and '4 Legs' your support is hugely appreciated by all at the club.

Thank you to Rodney Gooch and Kim Murray for coming all the way to Keilor to demonsrate Frisgility. Playing with a frisby with your dog is very easy to do but very few people are aware of the dog safety concerns if you overdo it. Hopefully lots of dogs will benefit from advice from the experts in this developing dog sport.

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