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Feel like lending a hand? Consider helping in the kiosk

At KODTC, like at many other dog clubs, we are somewhat restricted by the numbers of trainers /instructors we have each week. We would like to have more members interested in becoming trainees which in the longer term will take the pressure off our current very hard working volunteer instructors.

2016 has been a very good year and we are fortunate in that we have 3 new trainee instructors who are 'learning the ropes'. Most of our members will have encountered Rob, Drew or Colleen, who have been doubling with our instructors when they take classes.

Our committee and instructors are delighted to have the newbies getting experience with taking classes and working their way through the training program. Rob for one, is already at a level where he can confidently assist in most classes.

Another ongoing shortage that we have encountered in 2016 is with manning the Kiosk. With two of the new trainers coming from the committee, we are short of available people to assist in the kiosk. We do have Jim and Lilly (very valuable volunteers and the club's guardian angles) who help when they are not up in the snow helping with Ski Rescue.

If any members or partners of members would like to help out we would be delighted to show them the ropes. Every little bit of assistance helps run a volunteer club.

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