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Our new Foundation classes commence once a month, usually in the first week or two of the month. New members are in our Foundation Class until the next Foundation Class starts, when they automatically move into class 1. The only difference between Foundation Class and Class 1 is that the Foundation Class is half an hour in length while class 1 is 40-45 minutes. Foundation class is really focused at helping you to learn the very basics of positive reinforcement dog training, and class 1 members have a little more experience at the various class 1 exercises than the Foundation Class members. Foundation Class is held at 9.00am sharp while Class 1 starts at 9.45am.

You can join the club at any time and you will automatically be placed in the next available intake. Our Foundation classes are limited in size because we need to keep our new classes to a manageable size so that our new members get a good experience and that we can actually assist you in training your dog.

Our membership year is based on the calendar year, so if you join now, you have a valid membership until the end of February in 2023 when renewals are due. Our last training day for the year is the first Sunday in December and we meet again in 2023 on the first Sunday in February. We do not meet on long weekends. KODTC is run by volunteers so these arrangements are really to give our volunteer instructors and committee members an occasional weekend off, and a break over December/January.

We welcome all new members and dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and backgrounds. We aim to help your dog become a good canine citizen with lovely manners and to be able to cope well with meeting other dogs and new people.

Pictured are Elizabeth and Rosie, her beautiful Border Collie , who were promoted to class 2 in April.


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