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Club Member of the Year 2021

As everyone is aware, 2021 was a very challenging year. At KODTC we were not able to meet for many weeks and our intake of new members was significantly affected. Pre March 2020, when we have a new member intake we have an on site induction session at the club. However it was impossible to have our usual Induction Sessions with the government and council regulations related to Covid. One of our very generous club members and former instructor came to our rescue. Nicolle Cheriton who has been a long term member and instructor at Keilor stepped up and offered to run our New Member Induction Sessions vis Zoom on line. Not only did Nicolle run the Induction sessions but she followed up with some on line classes for class 1 to help our members with their dogs until we could meet at the club.

Nicolle's online Induction Sessions were so successful last year that we are now planning to continue with them even though we could return to on site meetings. (The February and March meetings were usually pretty uncomfortable due to the heat in the AJ Davis Pavillion, with the summer sun boring into the windows).

So the KODTC committee late last year voted to award Nicolle with the Club Member of the year for 2021. We surprised Nicolle with the award last Sunday. The photo is from a few years back when Nicolle's Border Collie was promoted the class 4. Congratulations Nicolle, and many thanks from the club for your very generous efforts.


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