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Train your dog with us in 2024!

Positive Reinforcement Training

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Welcome to KODTC

At Keilor Obedience Dog Training Centre we teach all the basic obedience exercises such as sit, stay, heel, come when called etc. We focus on teaching behaviours that will result in well mannered dogs that owners can be proud of and are able to take out and socialise with other dogs and people.

Our training methods use positive reinforcement techniques such as food, toys, and praise as motivators for the dogs. Our dogs do what we want because they want to please us, not because they are fearful of what may happen if they do the 'wrong thing'.  We encourage our members to enjoy their training and spending time with their dogs.

We have a class structure that members and their dogs move through based on the amount of time and effort they are able to put into their training (and the individual characteristics of the dogs). There are no time limits on people and dogs being in any particular class.  

Visit the JOIN THE CLUB page on this site for more information about how you and your dog can start training at KODTC

Foundation Class
09:00 AM
Socialisation Walk
09:00 AM
Class 1
09:45 AM
Class 4
09:45 AM
Class 2
10:45 AM
Class 3
10:45 AM
Flyball Training
11:45 AM
Please note: Training is not held on long week-ends or over the Christmas/January period.​​​

Please Note

Access to the AJ Davis Reserve

Car Park is Via Fullarton Road.

We have had people using 'Google Maps' get very lost and arrive late for their first class. If you want to use Google please search for the

'AJ Davis Reserve Car Park' 

Alternatively, use the address:
282 Fullarton Rd, Airport West

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