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Letter from 'The Wolves'

Joy Allen, our president, has very recently received a lovely letter from 'The Wolves'  secretary and new interim president, offering an apology for some difficulties that have occurred in the past and indicating that 'The Wolves' hope to work much more positively with us in the future.   

The sentiments are much appreciated and gives us much hope for a smoother relationship with 'The Wolves' in the future.


In doggy terms, I would like to offer lots of licks and tail wags.

(Maree, KODTC Secretary 25/08/16) 

Claire Stipic presents First Aid for our Dogs.... (and other animals, July 2016)

On Sunday 24th July,  Claire Stipic from the RSPCA (and an ex-trainer at KODTC) presented an extremely interesting talk on dog (or pet ) first aid. 

Around 15 people attended and were rivitted for around a hour while Clarie took us throught what to do in an emergency or when we are in doubt about the health of our dogs. 

Three messages that have stayed with me are:

1.  Consider your own safety before you leap in and try to help an animal.   Putting yourself in a situation where you are going to be injured will not help the animal.

2.  We are not vets, our role is to get the animal to the vet, as quickly and safely as possible, with as little distress to the dog as possible.  

3  If possible call ahead to the vet, let them know that you are coming and what the problem is. This will save very valuable time when you do get to the vet, or ensure that the vet you are going to can help you (eg does the vet have any snake anti-venom in case of snake bite).

Claire gave us a demo of doggy rescue breathing and also doggy cardiac compressions (CPR for dogs) in case of need.  

A really valuable presentation , thank you Claire for your efforts.  

Hot Weather Policy


If the Bureau of Meterology forecasts 35 degrees or above for training days, all training will be cancelled.  In the event of 30-35 degrees training will be held with shortened classes under shade areas with common sense! No active exercises and plenty of rest for drinks.

Life membership nominations for 2016

Nominations for two club members to be considered for Life Membership of KODTC have been put to the KODTC committee at the July committee meeting.  

As a part of the process of considering the nominations, the committee 

needs to let the membership know of the nominations so that when the AGM comes along in November, the members can have a considered vote on whether or not to accept the nominated members as Life members of the club. 

The members who have been nominated are Julie Merryfull and 

Max Schellekens.  Both are trainers and are very active on the committee and have been for a long time.

Julie has been nominated by Noelene Jordan and Max has been nominated by Joy Allen.  

The nomination forms are copied below for your information.

The members will be asked to vote on the Life Membership Nominatiopn at the AGM in late November

Sept 8 2016

Click in the buttons below to see the nomination forms for Julie and Max for Life Membership of KODTC. 

Class 4 September 25th 2016

Class 4 is growing, on Sunday 25th September (which was a cold day with threatening rain), class 4 had 17 dogs in it.  It is excellent that so many of our dogs are up to class 4 and that they and their humans are continuing to come and socialize and train their dogs. 

As Max (one of the trainers), sometimes says:  'You never stop training your dog'.


Stumpy, Cindy and the 'Story Dog' Program

Many members will be aware of Cindy and her beautiful Golden Retrievers, Kobi and Stumpy.


Cindy and Stumpy have recently been working in a program called 'Story Dogs'.  The program  aims to encourage children who have been identified as having difficulties with reading, to read stories to their 'Story Dog'.  

Stumpy and Cindy have been attending Mount Carmel Primary School in Sunbury and Stumpy has been very attentively and patiently listening to children read.  

The program has been incredibly successful, with the children who previously did not like reading, practising so they could read a story to Stumpy when he next comes. 

Cindy is very committed and enthusiatic about the program and is hoping to encourage other dog owners with an interest in children and placid and friendly dogs to consider joining the program.  

For more information check out 'Story Dogs' on the web, or seek out Cindy at the club on a Sunday (or someone at the Kiosk can given you Cindy's contact details. 

(Maree July 2016)

NADAC Competition, Sunday August 7th

KODTC held it's second NADAC (Agility) competition for 2016 on Sunday 7th August.  Julie Merryfull was again the force behind the organisation of the day, Juilie would like to thank everyone who assisted in the organisation of the day either before, on the day (there were lots of helpers before , during and after the action) or on the days ater the comp with the compiling of results.  

The day was a beautiful warm day with the sun shining.  There were 297 entries for the day, which was a manageable number,  many old faces and some new ones, which is always great to see. 

Congratulations to everyone on having fun with their dogs, whether they achieved a 'Q' or not.  Julie ran her 18 month old in his first trial and was so proud of him achieving 2  Intro Jumpers 'quallies' from his 2 runs.

Wendy judged all day and worked tirelessly to keep the trial running smoothly, we also has Nicky learning the ropes of judging.  

KODTC are again hugely thankful to receive generous support from 2 companies: Kong and 4Legs.  Please support them and check out the great products that they offer for you and your dogs.

Judges Prizes:  Awarded to any handler / dog / person of the judges choice:  Congratulations to Joy Allen - Joy is the President of KODTC and is one of Julie's trusty helpers who does not run her own dog but gives up her day, helps with the clean up, set up, prize table, score entry and lunches (just to name a few jobs).

Lucky 'E' for encouragement prize: Janet Napier and Abbie

The highest in Trial Prizes were awarded to the following teams:

Elite: Kate Brown and Suzi

Elite Vet: Dawn Glanville and Nina

Open: Janice Crooks and Astro

Open Vet: Judy Kloeden and Freddie

Novice: Jan Radnell and Velvet

Novice Vet: Sandra Lawrence and Tip

Intro: Milly Burke and Pip

Intro Novice: Sue Smith and Nova

Congratulations to both Dawn Glanville with Nina and Michelle Jewell with Bubbles who had the 'perfect' day scoring 6 'quallies' from  6 runs.  Well done!


Julie is now taking a bit of a break from being Trial Secretary (after running the NADAC comps for many years) so this may be the last trial at KODTC for a little while.  The KODTC Committee is hoping for another enthusiastic person to step forward to help keep the competition going in 2017

(edited from Julie's competition report 7th August)


'Back to T'Keilor' Flyball competition

(Queen's birthday weekend June 2016)

The Flyball competition  'Back to T'Keilor' went well with no rain and a little sunshine.  These dogs from 2 teams are just passing through the starting gates at the start of their races.


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, 4 Legs (yummy and nutritious dog food) and Kong (Dogs Need to Play), and to everyone who helped us run the competition.

Thank you to all of the teams who participated, especially D'Over from South Australia and Martin the judge from SA who came over so we could run the comp. (Martin ran two dogs himself, Astro and Cosmos, when he wasn't judging) 

May NADAC Competition:   Excellent day, despite bad weather

The NADAC Agility Trial went ahead on Sunday May 8th,(2016) despite the weather.  It was quite a wet morning with the rain clearing after lunch.  

There was one ring busy over the whole day with competitors, dogs , stewards and judges.

Agility breeds some rugged and determined souls.  From Keilor we had Julie Merryfull, Bryan Crowley and Nicholle Cheriton competing together of course with their dogs.


A huge thank you to 4 Legs (dog food), Kong (dog toys) and Kazoo (dog treats) for their very generous assistance with sponsoring the club and donating prizes. 

Thank you to everyone who assisted. 

At this stage we have the date of Sunday 7th August as the second NADAC competition for 2016.  

Sponsorship for our Fun Day

Keilor Dog Obedience Training Centre would like to acknowledge the generous support of some wonderful companies. These include:


Kong :  'Dogs need to play' who donated a variety of doggy toys for dogs large and small.


Tuff Dog Beds: who domated a whole heap of vouchers for excellent discounts on their great Tuff Dog Bed range. 


4 Legs Dog Food: who donated many packs of their great 4 Legs dog food.  


KODTC thanks you all for your kind help and generosity, we encourage all of our members to check out your products. 

Rally Obedience:


Paws and Take Notice ...

........update July 2016.


Our new editor is Drew Harrison.  Drew is currently a committee member and is a new trainee instructor, as well as a member of the Flyball crew. 


We are still working on the idea of a 3 monthly edition and are aware of the need for members who do not use electron devices to access the calendar of events.  We are currently looking at producing a newsletter of a couple of pages, including the calendar of events, its arrival depend newsletter depending on Drew's time availability.

If any members would like to assist with the 'new' newsletter please let us know.  Any information or ideas for info for the Web site or Facebook pages, please grab Maree and let her know. 


We greatly value your ideas and input. 



Awards for the 2015 KODTC Training Year

Best Female Handler :  

Ashley Kaldasam & Sterling


Instructor's Encouragement Award 2015:

Sarah Franks & Duke


Instructor's Encouragement Award 2015:

Anne Shellard & Wil


Instructor's Encouragement Award 2015:

Caitlyn & Lola


Most Improved Dog 2015 :

Graham West & Jack


Flyball Titles in 2015:

Sandra and Bryan Crowley & Rioja FDCH

Sandra and Bryan Crowley & Pinotage FMX

Julie Merryfull & Choccy AFCH

Carol Di Teodoro & Abby AFCH

Max Schellekens & Lenny AFCH

Joy Allen & Kyla Onyx

Leslie Loveday & Douglas Onyx


Tracking Titles 2015

Bryan and Sandra Crowly & Rioja TCH


Track and Search Titles 2015

Bryan and Sandra Crowley & Pinotage TSD

Bryan and Sandra Crowley & Syrah:  TSD

Joy Allen & Finley:   TSDX

Joy Allen & Kyla:  TSCH & TS Grand CH

Diane Clarke & Toby:   TSCH and TS Grand CH


Obedience Titles 2015

Noelene Jordan & Ben:  CDX


NADAC  (Agility) Titles 2015

Julie Merryfull & Dexter

Julie Merryfull and Choccy

Bryan and Sandra Crowley & Pinotage

Bryan and Sandra Crowley & Rioja


Herding Titles 2015

Nicolle and Ryan Cheriton & Delta 


Congratulations to all, well done. 


Ashley Kaldasam & Sterling.

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