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Doggie Information

Kennel Cough? 

Has your dog been in kennels recently?


It's great to have a break but now that you are back home you need to keep an eye out for symptoms of Kennel Cough in your dog. Kennel Cough is extremely contagious and easily jump from dog to dog when they are in places where dogs are gathered and especially if stress is involved.

Look out for coughing that almost looks like your dog is gagging or has something caught in his or her throat.  If you think your dog may have Kennel Cough take him or her to a vet. They can get very ill and miserable with kennel cough and will be very infectious. 


Do not bring your dog to training if you have any concerns about Kennel Cough.


Fantastic Sponsorship for our December FunDay

Kobi the golden retriever enjoying his Kong 'Jumbler' donated by Kong for the FunDay, December 2015.  

The Jumber have proved very popular with Kobi who plays with it and chews on it for hours.  Kobi's mum, Cindy sent us this photo to show how much he enjoys it. 

Keilor Dog Obedience Training Centre would like to acknowledge

the generous support of some wonderful companies that made donations for our December 2015 Fun Day .


They include:

Kong :  'Dogs need to play',  who donated a variety of doggy toys for dogs large and small.


Alpha Dog Beds (previously Tuff Dog Beds):  who donated a whole heap of vouchers for excellent discounts on their great Alpha Dog Bed range. 


4 Legs Dog Food: who donated many packs of their great 4 Legs dog food.  


KODTC thanks you all for your kind help and generosity, we encourage all of our members to check out your products. 




Dog Parvo Virus currently active (May 2016)

According to the RSPCA, Vets in Melbourne are currently seeing an outbreak of parvo virus in unwell dogs who are coming to them.  Parvo virus is one of the dog illnesses that is covered by annual dog vaccinations.

Check that your dog's vaccinations are up to date...... 

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