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Class Graduates 2016

February 14, 2016:  Barney the Beagle, Tank the Cavoodle and Ruby the Spoodle were all promoted from class 1 to class 2.

February 21st :  Leroy the Labrador Retriever X Staghound and Dash the black Spoodle were both promoted from class 1 to class 2.  

Choccy the Staffy X was promoted from class 2 to class 3.

February 28th, 2016 : Sassy the Australian Terrier, Hobbs the Bichon X Maltese Terrier , Koby the Border Collie, Luca the German Shepherd Juke the Boxer, Lucy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Harley the Koolie were all promoted from class 1 to class 2.

6th March 2016: Miki the Staffy X, Rhyno the Labradoodle, George the Kelpie X Whippet, Ed the Brittany Spaniel,  Ollie the Spoodle , Max the Cavalier King Charles, Harvey the Spoodle and Kali the Labrador Retriever X were all promoted from class 1 to class 2. 

March 20th 2016:  Cassie the Border Collie, Archie the Cocker Spaniel, Eva the Labrador Retriever, Jasper the Husky (with the yellow ribbon tied to his collar), Milly the Cocker Spaniel were all promoted from class 1 to class 2.  Luna the Groodle and Goldy the Golden Retriever were also promoted from class 1 to class 2 but at this stage we do not have photos of them for the website. 

Paasha the silver Husky was promoted from class 2 to class 3. 

Well done to people and dogs. 

 April 10th 2016

Harvey the Weimaraner, Jessie the German Shepherd, Lewis the Bermese Mountain Dog, Barney the Gordan Setter, Ruby the little Cavoodle, Missy the Rottweiler and Ziggy the Cocker Spaniel were all promoted from class 1 to class 2 on April 10, 2016. 

Max the Border Collie was promoted from class 2 to class 3 on April 10.  Max was quite shy having his photo taken however,  he and his human , Jenny, must be very alert and attentive students in class.

Promotions April 17. 

Above and around we have the dogs promoted from class 1 to class 2.  We have Goldie the Greyhound, Ajax the Maltese Cavalier X, Jake the black Kelpie, Howard the British Bulldog,  Ruby the little Spoodle Cross and Oliver the brown Labradoodle with the smart scarf. 

The 2 Apricot Spoodles are Ruby and Riggins who are brother and sister and who both were promoted.

On May 1st, 3 dogs were promoted from class 1 to class 2.  They were Ted, the very small Australian Silky Terrier,  Chester, the young Airedale who is full of mischief and Lilly the brindle coloured Greyhound. 


On Sunday 15th May 4 dogs were promoted.

Gizmo, the small enthusiastic light brown dog with lots of energy was promoted out of class 1 to class 2, his friend Daisy, a golden Labrador X was promoted from class 2 to class 3.   Zali,  a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (easily recognised by their red colour), was promoted from class 2 to 3.  Max, the Border Collie who is training to be a Flyballer, was also promoted from class 2 to 3.  Congratulations to all of the dogs and their handlers. 

Sunday 22nd May:  6 dogs were promoted out of class 1 and into class 2. 

They were Shelby, the beagle-coloured Beaglier;  Ruby, the grey and white English Staffy;  Timmy, the charcoal-coloured Miniature Schnoodle who was so excited;   Chumley, the little Jack Russell Cross;   Scarlett, the tiny English Toy Terrier;   and Taco, the golden German Shepherd cross Staffy.

On Sunday 27th May 2016 only one dog was promoted from class 1 to class 2,   that dog was Charlie, the Spoodle whose mum is Erin. Well done Charlie and Erin. 

2 Dogs were promoted from class 2 to class 3,   one was Sassy, the Australian Terrier whose handler is Jenny.   This is Sassy's second photo on this page, well done to Jenny and Sassy.  The other clever dog was Ruby, the border collie who works with Drew and Rhiannan.  Congratulations to Drew, Rhiannan and Ruby who is also training for flyball.

Sunday June 20th, Jazz the tricolour Rough Collie was promoted from class 1 to class 2.  Congratulations to Jazz and James.

Sunday 26th June:  

Xena, the very friendly young Rottweiler was promoted from class 1 to class 2, Congratulations to Kristy and Charlie, Xena's humans. 

Two dogs were promoted from class 2 to class 3, they were Oliver, the brown and woolly Labradoodle, along with his human Laslo, and Leroy, the Labrador Cross (with maybe a Staghound evidenced by the red whiskers) and his human Tamara.  Both Oliver and Leroy are celebrating their second appearance on this page.  Congratulations to all dogs and people, keep working together every day.

As Max, one of our trainers has said, you stop training your dog on the day that he, she or you go to the great Kennel.....

Sunday July 3rd.

Lots of clever dogs were promoted from class 1 to class 2 on this day, they were: 

Kari, the white and fluffy Japanese Spitz and Elizabeth; Jax, the brown and woolly Harvanese and Danielle; Piper, the little black and white Brittany Spaniel with Emma; Cliff the laid back English Pointer and his human Craig and Harvey, the Weimaraner, also with a human called Craig;

Simba, the light brown Bull Mastiff cross with Rahul; and finally Charlie, the Bull Mastiff and his mum Jackie.

Sunday July 3rd, class 3 to 4.  

It is not very often that we have dogs promoted from class 3 to class 4. However on July 2nd both Tori, the elegant Hungarian Viszla and her person Chris,  and Bronson, the happy and scruffy Labradoodle with his mate Bruce were promoted to class 4.  Our class 4 is growing which is excellent. Congratulations, that takes lots of work, dog and human as a partnership.  

Sunday July 10th

One dog was promoted from class 1 to class 2 and it was Heidi,  an Australian Heeler Cross, Heidi comes along to training with Rachel. Well done both of you, we look forward to seeing great things in class 2. 

Sunday July 10th, 

Three dogs were promoted from class 2 to class 3, and they were George , Jake and Ziggy. 

George is a smallish kelpie cross type dog, who works with Anna; Jake is a serious ball focused black Kelpie who comes along with Emelly and Peter; and Ziggy is a golden Cocker Spaniel whose human is Lisa.  Well done to all. 

Sunday 17th July

Congratulations to Lola the very large brindle coloured Bull Mastiff Cross and her human Caitlin.  Lola and Caitlin have been promoted to Class 4.  No mean feat, well done. 

The dogs promoted from class 2 to 3 were Oscar, the Pugelier (Pug cross with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), and his human Amanda,  and Peppa, the little female English Pointer whose human is Georgi.  Well done to all. 

Sunday 24th July , cold and windy but still the hounds showed new learnings and quite a few were promoted.

Two dogs were promoted from class 3 to class 4, they were Bugg, the wind blown little cavoodle, with his human Natalie;  and River the Boxer, with her humans Erin and Ben.   Getting to class 4 is a pretty big deal so well done everyone. 

Quite a few dogs were promoted from class 1 to class 2 .  These included Pickles, the Staghound and her friend Sparky, the Border Collie.  Pickles and Sparky live with Sean and Louisa.  

The smaller dogs promoted were : Buddy the Jack Russell Cross and his human Josie;  Winston the Labradoodle whose human is Josh ( we are in need of a photo of Winston ; Harley the Cavoodle and his mum Stephanie,  Lilly the Jack Russell Cross whose family includes Jaclyn and Kathy;  a very well dressed little black Toy Poodle Ollie who lives with Medina and Mabel and Moris who live with the McDermott family,  Mabel being a very little Jack Russell Cross and Moris being a Shitzu Maltese Terrier Cross.  (So many very little dogs all promoted on the same day.................)

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