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Flyball Photo Album

Tink, ,   retired 2014, a Spoodle who had 2 hip operations and recovered to get back to Flyball.

Indie and Max completing a run. Indie was a big Labradoodle and is no longer with us, he was the perfect gentleman and such a consistent reliable flyball dog. 

Trevor, the staffy  ran with Garry as a start dog.

Now retired after injuries.



Syrah going over a jump, Syrah has now retired (2015) and was, like Indie, the most reliable of flyball dogs. Ran with Bryan.

The amazing Spud, a brilliant and tough little height dog.


Lived with Julie and her little pack of little dogs, is no longer with us. Lived until 15 years. 

Honey, the very gentle little terrier, known for jumping consistently 2 feet above the jumps.  A height dog who ran with Carol.  

Now retired.

Julie running with Choccy, the staffy terrier X.  Choccy was a rescue dog and lives with Julie's mum.  Choccy is now running with Rohan and has developed into a very determined little height dog. (March 2016)

Joy starting Kyla, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Kyla's main motivation is food.........  Kyla also excells at tracking.  Good nose....    Garry and Trevor are completing their run. Taken around 2014.

Lenny Link, the Kelpie (was a rescue working dog called 'Link' prior to his new life with Max), stretching out over a flyball jump.  Is a start dog. Currently running. (Jan 2017)

Bear, a rescue Staffy X Border Collie with an interesting sense of humour. and a very big, pure tone bark.  Very fast and reliable.  Left his doggie and people family in late 2015.  Ran with Max

Dexter the little Jack Russell Terrier height dog.   Dexter was initially a rescue puppy, he lives with Julie and Rohan.  He can be a little nervy at times, and is always very fast, runs as a height dog.  (He does look very relaxed here.......)

Choccy the Staffy X Terrier.  Choccy was a rescue dog and now runs with Julie and Rohan.  He is a fast little height dog with a very big personality.    (As at March 2016)

The flyballers in Adelaide in September 2012.  

From left: Indie the labradoodle, Gerard with Ollie the Border Collie (is behind Bear, the Staffy X), At back in purple is Kerryn with Baily the Spoodle, lower down is Maree wrestling with Tink the Spoodle and in front Max patting Bear. 

At back Sandra and Pinotage the Rough Collie, Garry and Trevor in front of Sandra.  Next right at the back is Carol with Honey and Tess, in front of Carol is Joy (sitting) with Kyla and Finley, the Duck Tolling retrievers, next to Carol at the back is Julie with Dexter the Terrier X and Piper the Border Terrier, 

In front of Julie is Linda with Maggie the little black and white terrier, and on the right Bryan with Syrah the Rough Collie.

The Flyball ring at one of the competitions, Garry is leaning on the side rail. Around 2013 or 2014

Finlay used to run with Joy and together they made a very fast partnership.  Fin had a collison with a motorbike and lost his left eye and then developed a retinal disease in his other eye.  As a Flyballer he was totally obsessed with the ball and was extremely fast.  Continued to run after his motor bike accident.


Garry and Trevor the Staffy, Trevor is now retired and Garry runs Sylvie, a border collie with Weiners Flyball team.

The KODTC Flyball teams in Portland after winning both divisions in June 2014.

April 2016 at Ringwood, the Twilights team which won a trophy for being the team that ran 'cleanest' all day.  The KODTC teams have won the award 3 times since its inception in 2011.

Joy and Kyla, Rohan with Choccy, Leslie with Douglas, Gerard with Ollie and Sandra & Bryan with Rioja.

To the left, Bailey the Labradoodle flying over the flyball jumps. Bailey ran with Kerryn and is now retired

Below: Bailey turning on the 'box'.

(Jan 2017)

Twilights Team, at Ringwood 2017 comp, Once again, winners of trophy for the team with the most 'clean' runs at the competiton.

Sandra with 'Tage, Max with Lenny, Gerard with Ollie, Julie sitting with Dexter, Suzie with Hugo with poodle and Bryan with Rioja.  Joy holding the trophy plaque. 


A  Flyball comp around 2012 with Kerryn and Bailey, Gerrd about to start Ollie, (kneeling), Julie (?) and Leslie.

T'Keilor Flyball Team :  Adelaide Show  2003!!

Terry and June Hunter, Julie Merryfull, 2 other members names not known at this stage, Sandra Crowley, and Doreen.

The Flyball  Ring at Ballarat, Santa Ball December 2015

Hasting April 2017, the Nationals Team. Joy and Kyla, Julie with Dexter and Choccy, Rohan, Max with Lenny, Gerard with Ollie and Leslie with Douglas.

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