2017 New Members


New members can now join  KODTC on any Sunday morning that the club meets for training. 

Here is a summary of whats required to enroll:


  • Come along to the club on a Sunday morning and fill out a Membership Application Form and  pay membership (and ask any questions that you may have).

  • Bring your Dog's current Vaccination Certificate so it can be sighted by the committee members in the kiosk.

  • Attend the Information Session (only held once each month on a Wednesday evening)

  • Commence with the Socialization walk and classes (Class 1) the following Sunday that the club has 'usual training'

The other stuff......


  • Please ensure you wear suitable footwear (shoes must be closed), thongs etc are not acceptable.

  • Please note that as a positive reinforcement club, we do not allow the use of correction collars, metal chain collars and extender leads. Please have your dog on a flat collar and lead or gentle leader harness.

  • Try to arrive a bit earlier than scheduled times as this allows you and your dog to settle down prior to starting classes. Dog are often very exciting when they arive at dog club.